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Natural Demerara Sugar

Natural Demerara Sugar

16 oz. bag
5-Pack (5 x 16 oz. bag)
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1 Cup

Demerara Sugar

1 Cup

Refined Sugar

Billington’s Natural Demerara Sugar is a crunchy, golden brown sugar with a sticky texture and rich aroma. Its large, sparkling champagne-colored crystals make it a terrific, crunchy topping on cookies, cakes, muffins, and gourmet desserts. It is also fantastic sprinkled on melons, grilled fruit, or warm oatmeal. In Great Britain, Demerara Sugar is the traditional sweetener for beverages such as breakfast tea and cappuccino.

Simply stated, Billington’s Natural Unrefined Cane Sugars are unlike any sugar you will ever taste. The secret to Billington’s remarkable flavor is in the molasses: unlike conventional sugars on the market, Billington’s Natural Unrefined Cane Sugars still hold a bit of the cane’s natural molasses within each glistening crystal. Our Demerara is made simply … with the aim of locking in, not refining out, the sugar cane’s natural molasses.

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